Installing Docker on macOS

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Before we can do anything interesting with our Dockerfile, we need to install Docker.

The exact installation instructions depend on your operating system.

The Docker Website contains detailed instructions for

I am a Mac user and I will show you the exact steps to install Docker on a Mac. If you use Windows or Linux, please refer to the instructions (I don’t have a Windows or Linux Desktop computer to try).

Docker Desktop for Mac is the name of the software you need to install, and you can find it here:

Once you download the installation file, which is a bit more than 400MB in size, run it and you’ll be asked to move the Docker app to the Applications folder.

Do that, then run the app:

The first thing that happens is that it asks you to install the command line tools, and it needs your permission (and password):

You will see the whale icon appearing the the Mac toolbar, initially informing you Docker Desktop is starting:

And when it’s done, you will get a green light:

Now you will have the Docker command line tools installed.

Open your terminal and run

docker version

to make sure everything worked fine.