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First set up See run an app on

Also see my Docker tutorials.

Create an empty folder, add this Dockerfile (update the PB_VERSION value to the latest version of PocketBase available):

FROM ubuntu:latest


RUN apk add --no-cache \
    unzip \

# download and unzip PocketBase
ADD${PB_VERSION}/pocketbase_${PB_VERSION} /tmp/

RUN unzip /tmp/ -d /pb/

# uncomment to copy the local pb_migrations dir into the image
# COPY ./pb_migrations /pb/pb_migrations

# uncomment to copy the local pb_hooks dir into the image
# COPY ./pb_hooks /pb/pb_hooks


# start PocketBase
CMD ["/pb/pocketbase", "serve", "--http="]

Run fly launch --build-only to create and build the app but not deploy it, as we need to attach a volume to persist data across deploys (but first we need to initialize it and the fly.toml file)

Run fly volumes create pb_data --size=1 to create the volume. Create it in the same region of the app

Now in fly.toml add:

  destination = "/pb/pb_data"
  source = "pb_data"

Now run fly deploy --ha=false

Pocketbase will be available at https://<yourapp>

Only problem I had was internal connection URLs (.internal) in Fly, I haven’t found a way to make both IPv4 (used for external connection) work alongside IPv6 (used for internal connections), so in my app (also in Fly) I used external URL (hope to fix).

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