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Don't hop from one language to another

Today I want to talk about one problem you might stumble upon while learning to code.

I've received a lot of emails that mention this problem.

Here's an example.

You start learning to code in Python. Get discouraged after a while, lose momentum, etc. You then switch to JavaScript.

You start learning JavaScript, until you reach a blocking point, things start to get harder than expected, or you just don't know what to learn next.

You get tired of this programming thing, so you give up.

Or you switch to another language again, hoping things will work out find this time.

I call it "hop from one language to another".

In Web Development it's also common to hop from one framework to another. You start with Vue, then switch to React, then Svelte, then "here's a shiny new framework".

The grass is not greener on the other side.

Choose one thing.

Stick to it.

Learn it deeply.

Know it inside out.

One day you'll realize you really want to learn another language, and that's great.

But to start and to become a developer, pick one.

Every time you switch, you have to unlearn something, and learn how the new language handles things.

It will also be confusing.

You'll start mixing things.

It does not matter, initially, which language you pick.

If I have to suggest one, Python and JavaScript are great choices thanks to their popularity and flexibility.



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