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The day I forgot to write a post

Published Oct 14 2021

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I knew that one day it would have happened.

There had been some days when I realized in the late afternoon, or evening, that I didn’t have any post written for that day, and I quickly wrote a new post.

You know, I’ve been writing a blog post every single day for a few years. Without missing one. Christmas, Easter, summer holidays, New Year’s Eve… I always had a post.

Of course in many cases I schedule posts in advance, I’m not always at the computer working.

Today I was driving my van, it was a beautiful Friday morning. Heading on the mountains for the weekend. The sky was a perfect blue, no clouds on the horizon.

Then I checked.

I was parked outside my favorite bakery, looking to buy a few slices of my favorite take-away pizza.

I don’t know why I checked, but here I was, looking at my website on the iPhone, and that day no post had been published. What’s worse, the day before had no posts published.

I did NOT forget to write a post.

I forgot to publish it.

I knew I was heading out for a few days, so I did write a few posts in advance. Actually one day in a burst of creativity I wrote about 10 posts.

But here’s what I did.

After writing those posts, I forgot to push my commits to GitHub.

I wrote those posts on the MacBook, and that’s the only place where those posts were.

Not on my blog, just on the Mac.

And the Mac was at home, because despite it being a laptop, I decided to only take the iPad Pro with me this time.

And that’s where I’m writing this post from, which is not a problem at all, but ..I’ll have this post published “a day in the past”, today - 1, so I don’t break the chain.

Then I’ll write one more this evening, for “today”.

No one has noticed, but I don’t care. I noticed.

I have a rule: Never Break The Chain.

I know that if I let one day slip by, I’ll let others slip by.

And that’s not something I want to happen.

Maybe one day. But not now.

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