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How to learn React

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Find out the optimal path to go from zero to being a React master

How do you learn React?

As with most things, you need to put in some effort, find out a good resource to study, be consistent with your learning, and put everything you learn into practice as soon as you can, to reinforce your studies and make all the things you learn stick in your head.

But.. where do you start?

In this post I want to list a few resources I created to go from zero to become a React master.

First of all, you’ll need a good base of JavaScript. If you are just starting out, take your time and take a good dive into the JavaScript fundamentals before jumping into React. For this, I recommend my JavaScript Handbook.

If your JavaScript is solid but a bit rusty and not up to date with the latest ECMAScript standard, my ES5 to ESNext Handbook is going to be a handy companion, too.

Next, my React Handbook is going to be your best friend. I put a lot of work into making sure it gives you all the base knowledge you need to become an awesome React developer.

I think those resources will keep you busy for a while.

As I mentioned, practice is king. Focus on building things, even simple ones, every day as you are learning. Don’t just read through theory, apply it. Build sample apps. I have a long list of sample app ideas you can take inspiration from.

I also run a React Course, where I teach you how to build 6 practical projects with React (including Hooks, of course).

Are you intimidated by Git? Can’t figure out merge vs rebase? Are you afraid of screwing up something any time you have to do something in Git? Do you rely on ChatGPT or random people’s answer on StackOverflow to fix your problems? Your coworkers are tired of explaining Git to you all the time? Git is something we all need to use, but few of us really master it. I created this course to improve your Git (and GitHub) knowledge at a radical level. A course that helps you feel less frustrated with Git. Launching May 21, 2024. Join the waiting list!
→ Get my React Beginner's Handbook
→ Read my full React Tutorial on The Valley of Code

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