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Connect to Postgres local vs Vercel Postgres with Kysely

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I switched a codebase from local Postgres database to Vercel Postgres, which comes with its own optimized package.

I used this to set up Kysely:

import {
} from 'kysely'

import pg from 'pg'

const POSTGRES_URL = //...from env

const dialect = new PostgresDialect({
  pool: new pg.Pool({
    max: 10,

export const db = new Kysely({

With Vercel Postgres, I used:

import { createKysely } from '@vercel/postgres-kysely'

const POSTGRES_URL = //...from env

export const db = createKysely({
  connectionString: POSTGRES_URL

The db now already know how to look up the environment variable POSTGRES_URL

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