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How to list all databases using PostgreSQL

A quick explanation of how to list all databases inside the `psql` tool in PostgreSQL, or using SQL

You can perform this task in 2 ways.

One is using psql.

Type the command \list (or \l), and PostgreSQL will show you the list of databases (and templates):

In this case, the databases list is

  • airbnbclone
  • nextbnb
  • postgres
  • test

template0 and template1 are templates.

Templates are templates for new databases, and you can use them to pre-populate new databases using the syntax CREATE DATABASE databasename TEMPLATE template0.

By default, the template used when creating a new database using CREATE DATABASE databasename is template1.

It's a topic that does not matter now, but I just want you to know what templates are.

A more advanced view, which includes the disk size of each single database, can be retrieved using \list+ (or \l+):

The other way to list databases is by using a SQL query.


SELECT datname FROM pg_database
WHERE datistemplate = false;

This will list databases, excluding templates:

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