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What is a Database? And a DBMS?

Published Dec 23 2019

A database is a collection of information carefully organized into a system.

The technology that in a computer system lets us organize data and represent the information that’s essential for an information system is called Database Management System.

A DBMS is a software that encapsulates the data of a database, and provides us a centralized way to store it, retrieve it, edit it, persist it, and much more.

Let’s define some of the main properties of a DBMS:

There are a lot of different DBMS on the market. Some similar to each other, some vastly different.

Relational DBMS, built on top of the relational model, are some of the most common ones you can use in the real world.

I’ll soon talk in details about 3 popular Open Source Relational Database Management Systems: PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite.

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