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Vercel Postgres, no transactions?

I had problems using Kysely on Vercel Postgres, with the @vercel/postgres and @vercel/postgres-kysely adapters.

Basically, transactions are not supported.

I had some code like this:

const data = await db.transaction().execute(async (trx) => {
  const somedata = await trx
    .where('id', '=', token)

  if (!somedata) throw new Error('Invalid data')

  await trx
    .where('id', '=', token)

  return somedata


and I had to remove the transaction, I just used the queries without the transaction:

const data = await db.selectFrom('table1')
  .where('id', '=', token)

if (!data) throw new Error('Invalid data')

await db.deleteFrom('table2')
  .where('id', '=', token)


Hopefully transactions will be implemented.

If you absolutely need them you can still use a direct connection to the database using pg

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