Some useful tricks available in HTML5

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Warning: this post is old and might not reflect the current state of the art


<input autofocus="autofocus" /> will put the focus on the specified HTML element when the page loads

Downloading files

<a href="file.pdf" download="pdf-file">Download</a> will download the specified file, with the name provided.

Hide elements

<div hidden="hidden"></div> despite putting the presentation in the HTML, which is bad, this can sometimes turn out useful.

Turning off (or on) spellchecking

Operating systems configured to spell check everything a user types can sometimes get in the way - <input type="text" spellcheck="true|false"> can help.

Auto suggestion text input control

  <input list="mylist" name="mylist" >
  <datalist id="mylist">
    <option value="CSS">
    <option value="HTML">
    <option value="PHP">
    <option value="Jquery">
    <option value="Wordpress">