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Safari, warn before quitting

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How to avoid closing Safari by mistake, using a simple trick

I’m a browser hopper.

I use a browser for too many hours a day and sometimes I just have to change browser, just to try something new.

Today it was the turn of Safari.

I like Safari, a lot. It’s light, no-frills, and very fast.

However, while opening a new tab with cmd-W I accidentally pressed cmd-Q, quitting the browser.

Chrome and Firefox provide a nice, optional confirmation dialog when trying to close them:

Safari does not have it.

So I re-mapped the cmd-Q to cmd-option-Q.

Here’s how I did it: open System Preferences, and click Keyboard:

Click Shortcuts, then App Shortcuts:

Add a new shortcut, choose Safari and call the Menu Title “Quit Safari”, and add the new shortcut:

There it is:

Since this has the same title of the existing Quit Safari menu, the shortcut will now change:

No more accidental quitting.

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