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How to use insertAdjacentHTML

insertAdjacentHTML is a very cool DOM method we can call on any DOM element to add new content to a page.

It is a nice and flexible way to insert new content.

The method is called on an element and accepts 2 parameters: the position, and a string containing HTML.

Here's an example:

const item = `<div>

document.querySelector('#container').insertAdjacentHTML('afterend', item)

Notice the afterend string.

This represents the position we're going to add the HTML into the container.

We have 4 possible positions:

  • beforebegin before the element
  • afterbegin before the first children of the element
  • beforeend after the last children of the element
  • afterend after the element

Here's how we would add a new item to a list:

document.querySelector('ul').insertAdjacentHTML('beforeend', '<li>item</li>')
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