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Mouse events

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When looking at mouse events we have the ability to interact with

Events overlap. When you track a click event, it’s like tracking a mousedown followed by a mouseup event. In the case of dblclick, click is also fired two times.

mousedown, mousemove and mouseup can be used in combination to track drag-and-drop events.

Be careful with mousemove, as it fires many times during the mouse movement. We need to apply throttling, which is something we’ll talk more when we’ll analyze scrolling.

When inside an eventh handler we have access to lots of properties.

For example on a mouse event we can check which mouse button was pressed by checking the button property of the event object:

const link = document.getElementById('my-link')
link.addEventListener('mousedown', (event) => {
  // mouse button pressed
  console.log(event.button) //0=left, 2=right

Here are all the properties we can use:

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