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Why iOS

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Why did I choose to dive into iOS?

Am I abandoning Web Dev? Of course not.

Swift just enables a whole, exciting new world.

I’m not a Web Developer. I’m a Developer.

Software, hardware, I like building things.

My goal is to help people become developers. Whatever “end form” that means.

I have many ideas for apps to build, that I can create and explain how I do them.

I think many want to build an iOS app, but it’s not exactly trivial to do it.

An iOS app is very different from a web app, in so many aspects.

First, its distribution. On the Web, you have your own domain, and that’s where your app lives. And you can do anything that’s legal. In iOS, there’s just the Apple App Store and Apple maintains a lot of control over it. They can decide to reject your app.

Then, the tech stack. On the Web you have JavaScript, HTML and CSS, unless you go fancy with niche tools. On iOS, you have Swift and SwiftUI.

Then again, the Web is an open platform and iOS is closed, completely controlled by Apple.

You also have a big difference: the kind of thing you can create. On the Web, you create Web Apps. They live in the browser. In iOS you create mobile apps, apps that you take with you all the time. Apps that can integrate more with your life through sensors, apps that live on your watch (I say iOS but I mean development for all mobile Apple Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Watch, excluding the Mac which is different).

So, to me starting to create iOS apps is more a way to create apps that are impossible to create on the Web, and a way to get in this interesting part of development.

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